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Specialized Filters for
tailored results

You can now filter GitHub results based on the libraries the project depends on. Similar API syntax is no longer an issue to worry when searching for code.

Only available for JavaScript projects that use a package.json file to declare their dependencies.
Support for other languages like Ruby and Python coming soon…

Other filters

Include and exclude selected extensions from the result list.
Exact Match
Only include results that contain the whole search query.
Show results that match the selected licenses.

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Create Developer Profiles based on the projects you’re working on. Our ML-powered Ranker will analyze and rank the results based on relevancy for your current profile.

Get results for technologies and tools that match your current project.

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Pick from a list of suggested Custom Sources curated for the technologies and tools from your Developer Profile.

You can also add your own websites to search through!

Whenever you make a search, you will be able to access to the search results on those websites using our built-in browser.

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More than 100 docs to pick from.

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Get quick access to multiple documentation for selected languages, frameworks and tooling that match your current Developer Profile.

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